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14844 Charleston Rd.
Red House WV 25168
Phone: 304-586-2449
Fax: 304-586-2548

We are located on WV State Rt. 62, 4.5 miles North of the Winfield Bridge, midway between Eleanor and Buffalo.

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What is Hydroponic Farming?Download Information Sheet

HydroponicsUnlike traditional farming, hydroponic farming requires no soil. At Gritt's Midway Greenhouse we grow our tomatoes in coconut husk which acts as a holding medium for the roots of our plants. Because coconut husk has no nutritional value, it enables us to control the nutrient levels in the water that is delivered to the plants. 

The tomatoes are grown in a controlled environment greenhouse and are not exposed to the outdoor elements of traditional farming. We purchase bumblebee hives for pollination and beneficial bugs for pest control. 

By controlling both the growing environment and nutrition of the plants, we are able to produce a high quality, blemish free and great tasting tomato from March through December.