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14844 Charleston Rd.
Red House WV 25168
Phone: 304-586-2449
Fax: 304-586-2548

We are located on WV State Rt. 62, 4.5 miles North of the Winfield Bridge, midway between Eleanor and Buffalo.

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Advantages to Greenhouse Grown     Download Information Sheet

tomato bloom

* The ability to extend seasons for plants and vegetables, increasing availability and providing a consistent quality.

* The ability to pick at the peak of ripeness and deliver a fresh product.

* Non-GMO varieties.

*Fully regulated temperature, humidity, irrigation, and fertilizing creates optimum growing conditions, therefore reducing the stress plants might endure in a fluctuating environment.

* Plants and products are protected from damage caused by adverse weather conditions.

* Our greenhouses are biologically controlled by using Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM seeks to control the population of undesirable pest by introducing desirable, natural predators.  This approach effectively reduces or eliminates the use of pesticides.

* Although technology may aid in regulating the physical environment, plants are still pollinated by bees, groomed and harvested by hand, and consistently monitored by knowledgeable growers.