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How to care for your Easter Lily            Download information sheet

Indoor care

* Cool daytime temperatures, 60-65 F, even a bit cooler at night, can prolong its life.

* Display in bright, but indirect sunlight, avoiding drafts and heat sources.

* Water when the soil becomes dry to the touch, although do not leave it dry for an extended period of time.

* If it came in a decorative foil wrap, be sure water does not accumulate and remain standing under the pot.

* Remove flowers as the fade and die.

* Insufficient moisture in the air may stunt unopened blooms.  Placing the pot on top of a saucer filled with small stones and water will provide added humidity.

* Removing the yellow pollen filled anthers from the flower centers may extend the life of the blossoms, while also can prevent staining of tablecloths.

* Turn every couple days to prevent any leaning towards the light.

After your lily is finished blooming it may be planted in your garden for blooming within the next year or two, at is natural summer bloom time.

 * Place in a sunny location indoors an keep watered until all danger of frost has passed.

* Prepare a sunny location with well drained soil.  Soil may be amended with organic matter and/or well draining potting soil.

* Plant the bulb slightly deeper than it was in the pot, approximately 6 inches below the soil surface.

* Top with organic mulch...lilies like full sun, but cool soil.

* When the original leaves an stem begin to brown, cut the stem down to a healthy green leaf.  New growth should appear and be allowed to grow the first year.  

* You may gently work a bulb fertilizer or blood meal into the surrounding soil, and mulch.